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Professional Singapore Cleaning Service

We are Singapore’s top specialist cleaning company, delivering professional sanitizing solutions. We aim to protect people from the harmful influence of poor hygiene standards. By providing an extensive choice of high-quality services tailored to our customers, we ensure a high level of hygiene and help in eliminating any hazardous situations without risk to human health.

We offer a wide range of specialist cleaning services comprising commercial offices, schools, and hospitals, industries.


To prevent health hazards, inspecting, cleaning and treatment of mold is vital to stop growing in the damp places

Professional Disinfection and sanitizing services to eliminate micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi, virus, etc

The best carpet cleaning services to clean and wash the carpets, curtains, and rugs from debris and dirt

Aircon Cleaning
Aircon technicians who can troubleshoot and fix all kinds of aircon leak problem
Air Quality Testing
HVAC servicing Engineers are trained in conducting indoor air quality test and consultation.
AC Duct Cleaning
The air in your environments includes millions of small particles that are both visible and invisible
AHU Cleaning
We improve energy efficiency for HVAC systems. Our main focus is to harness the natural power of steam to clean

HVAC Engineering Disinfection Service Singapore

We have rich experience while solving the most complex technical problems. We offer valuable money-saving packages and maintenance contracts.



Let’S Get Started On Your HVAC Project

We’ll work with you to create a bespoke office cleaning schedule to match your needs and budget. Switching office cleaning contracts is easy with us – we’ll even manage the process for you.

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