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When you sanitize a surface using the ordinary cleaning product, it kills the microbial growth and keeps your surfaces clean. But as the time progresses, the microbes mutate and grow on these surfaces making the disinfectant useless.

In such cases, every few hours of the surface are a risk for cross-contamination. As soon as someone touches or coughs around the surface, it gets contaminated.

It is vital to protect surfaces using best disinfection chemical product for a longer duration.


Active Shield+ uses a proprietary compound to keep your surface protected 24 hours a day until it gets scratched away from the surface. When coated on any surface, super transparent Active Shield+ – disinfectant solution sticks to applied surface (through a chemical bond) and forms like an invisible crystalline bed of sharp needles.

These extremely sharp nano particle sized crystals are insensible to the human touch. However, the microbes landing on these coated surfaces will be punctured and killed on contact.

Self disinfecting invisible coating that
protects 24×7 and shields you from cross infections.

A study on the petri dish below shows that microbial grows immediately within a day on the disinfected surface & keeps multiplying significantly.

Areas of Application

This compound in various forms is widely used for various applications from Facility internal and external features, to ATM, medical equipment, furnitures, automotive/airliner

  1. Reduces the Risk of Cross Contamination
  2. Safe for Use in a Variety of Environments
  3. Self Disinfecting Microbial Coating


Active Shield + is a compound specially formulated to protect any surface from microbial infection. It is the only antibacterial spray/ disinfectant product with two major components available in the market.

QAC – Physical properties of a crystalline compound with sharp edges to puncture the microbe’s cells and kills them on contact. Once coated, the surface will have an infinite number of nano-sized needles that protects and prevents microbial growth.

Adhesive – Silane has a powerful compound that chemically bonds to the bare surface permanently that gets removed only by physical abrasion.

Conventional products penetrate living cells and kill by poisoning the organism or disrupting a vital life process by emitting gases or VOC compounds. It acts and dissipates quickly.

Active Shield+ takes a unique approach wherein it provides the same initial kill as conventional products but inhibits long-term growth on the applied surfaces. Hence products coated with Active Shield remain sterile or free from microbe growth.


A compound used in Active Shield+ is in various countries under different brand names. Similar products with similar ingredients have been registered or certified by the FDA and EPA for different applications.

How to Apply this disinfectant spray?

Active Shield + can be sprayed in mist form on the surface or applied on the surface by a wipe down method by a qualified & trained individual to get optimum results. Incorrect applications can increase the risk of cross-contamination. Below links provide you with documents for correct application protocol & processes.

Note- Application of this compound has to be carried out under the supervision and by the best disinfectant cleaner only.


Active Shield+ has multiple applications. It is used in high-touch & high-traffic areas significantly to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. The most common places of uses are:

Building’s Interior surfaces and fabrics, Tabletops, chairs, Lift cars, call buttons, touch screens, medical devices, car, and public transport seats and interiors, wallets, mobile covers, garments, socks, baby diapers, etc.

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